hi, i'm cory. i do ucb comedy stuff & some voice acting. also, i'm a weirdo & a massive music/design/art nerd.

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hi, steve.

Zdzisław Beksiński

Erin Ashley.
this dood drunkenly engaged with every person on the subway car. then he calmly sat across from me and (without breaking eye contact) slowly pulled this mask down over his face.
#cute lil fucker, isn’t he?
#graffiti #sticker #art #williamsburg #brooklyn #nyc
it’s nice to finally make your aquantaince 👏🎩

Galactus & Silver Surfer by Giorgio Comolo



Saving dauphins is expected, but this guy saves a shark!!!
Thank you sir, for showing us there’s still some hope for humanity!

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I had a look at the original video and news articles about this. Apparently the man was fishing and accidentally hooked the great white shark, but cut it loose; then he realized the poor thing was beached. What you don’t see here is what’s possibly the most awesome part: he realized the shark still had his hook in its mouth and went to the effort of removing the hook.

From the mouth of a live, distressed great white shark.

Which he then got back into the water and set free.

His name’s Shane Cox, and he’s a pretty damn awesome Australian for that.

oh, the humanity.

(via facethephenomena)

burn it.

“If She Fits, She Sits" by Eugenia Loli.

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